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    Our linen pants, overalls and shorts for women

    Linen clothes fit all women harmoniously. Very pleasant to wear in any season, they also bring a note of elegance to your outfit. Women's linen pants and overalls will quickly become a wardrobe essential.

    Women's linen pants and overalls: comfortable and sophisticated

    Women's linen pants fit all body types. Whatever your size, women's linen pants and dungarees have no equal in balancing and enhancing your figure! Moreover, they are light and comfortable. Linen, a natural material that is more ecological than cotton, will allow your skin to breathe, while regulating your body temperature. You can wear your linen overalls in the middle of winter as well as under the sun in summer!

    Chic women's linen pants can also be worn with any top, for a casual chic outfit for everyday wear or a more sophisticated look for an evening or event. You can adjust your women's linen pants and overalls with a nice belt. And for a summer outing or a special occasion (wedding, christening, party...), women's white linen pants will give you the touch of refinement you need.

    14 products