Blackout curtains

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    Doctors recommend it: sleeping in complete darkness is best for recovery. But it is not always easy with the outside lights in our cities. However, there is a solution: the blackout curtains.

    The blackout curtain, an ally for good nights

    In fact, there is not one blackout curtain, but three kinds. The first is the classic curtain, a model whose thickness (obtained through a consistent lining) will screen to protect you from light. The thermal blackout curtain, meanwhile, screen against the light, but also the cold or heat. Finally, the sound curtain protects against noise. We can also find blackout curtains anti-mosquito or anti-magnetic waves.

    Depending on your specific needs, you can easily find the perfect blackout curtain. If you do not want to be bothered by the lights, prefer a dark color. The effect will be intensified.

    If your windows are old and let the air, the blackout curtain washed linen thermal is for you. Equipped with an insulating lining, it is effective to stop the temperature at home and block the drafts. Choose a large model (it should extend beyond your window on all four sides) to provide good protection.

    The street is very busy and you would like to find calm? The beige blackout curtain in acoustic linen will be very useful. Its thickness will block the different sounds. It is possible to reduce noise by 7 dB. This type of curtain can also be placed on the front door.

    A blackout curtain does not differ visually from a conventional curtain. You can complete the decoration of your room with style. You appreciate the classic chic? Noble materials and refined colors will be perfect, as a blackout curtain in linen color. Want to modern? A curtain with metal eyelet and trendy colors (duck blue or mustard yellow) will delight you. A design decor? Then choose a blackout linen curtain with geometric prints tone on tone, perfect to complete your decor with elegance.

    9 products