How to wash linen? Washing, drying and ironing of linen fabrics

Linen, as noble and natural as it is, is a very easy to maintain fabric. Washing even makes it better! They soften the fiber. A regularly washed linen will be softer and will obtain a certain patina. See our article on washed linen on this subject. But how do I wash and care for linen properly? Stain removal, washing, drying and ironing.

The steps to care for linen:

1. Remove any stains

It is always advisable, in case of stain, to quickly put your linen in the machine. If you notice that the stain could be stubborn, do not hesitate to rub the marked zone before the washing machine with a fabric soaked in Marseille soap or warm vinegar. Lemon can also be used. It helps to remove traces of red fruits for example. Please note that you should not use bleach to stain or bleach your linen. It will destroy the fiber and discolor the linen completely.

2. Washing linen in the washing machine

Linen can be washed in the washing machine up to 60° for a good quality linen fabric. Linens and clothing made of 100% pure linen from Linenshed are machine washable at 60° without any problem. Note that a lesser quality linen fabric will not withstand a wash at more than 40°. When it comes to laundry products, avoid chlorine-based detergents and always use a natural or at least mild laundry soap. Make sure to always separate light and dark colors. And, it is recommended not to mix pure linen pieces with polyester linen because the plumes produced by the latter cling to the natural fibers. This can affect the color and softness of the linen.

3. Machine or air drying

Use the tumble dryer for your linen. It will come out softer! Air drying is also suitable for linen. It dries very quickly, unlike other natural materials.

4. No ironing or on the reverse side

Another great advantage of linen is that it doesn't need to be ironed! Its typical slight wrinkle is a charming asset. Ironing washed linen would be a waste. Especially since it has been treated to achieve that expertly crumpled texture. If you absolutely must iron your linen, always do it on the reverse side and on the slightly damp fabric.

Finally, never dry clean linen.

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