Linen trousers for women

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    As the beautiful days of spring arrive and temperatures gradually rise, it is natural and even pragmatic to turn to lighter and more breathable clothing. Consumers then welcome linen pants collections with enthusiasm, which advantageously replace cotton canvas jeans, as well as skirts and pants made of warmer materials like wool or velvet that accompanied them during the winter.

    Why opt for linen clothing?

    The fashion industry, primarily focused on profitability, largely favors the use of synthetic fibers, with polyester being the most common. This fiber, derived from oil, contains harmful chemicals and is a true endocrine disruptor or, at best, can cause skin allergies in its user. Wearing polyester is effectively dressing your body in plastic. The very harmful impact on the environment is undeniable.

    The informed and responsible consumer prefers to turn to natural materials such as linen. This fiber, derived from its plant, is mainly cultivated in the northwest of France. Its cultivation requires five times less fertilizer and pesticides than cotton. Furthermore, it requires fallow land for five to seven years between two crops, making it the most soil-friendly cultivation.

    Products made from this natural material thus offer you the guarantee of having no negative impact on your health. On the contrary, linen seems to have only advantages.

    Linen pants for all your desires

    The variety of linen pants styles at Linenshed caters to all activities. High-waisted pants always denote elegance and easily enhance the silhouette. In contrast, low-rise pants offer a more casual look. Fans of clean lines prefer straight linen pants, classic and timeless. For a bold look, wide-leg pants are chosen, creating a fluid and airy silhouette, ideal for relaxation or a workout session. Linenshed thus offers a complete range to satisfy all styles and occasions.

    Due to the total absence of synthetic fibers such as elastane, frequently present in the fabrics of our jeans pants, linen pants generally offer a looser fit. This guarantees superior comfort in terms of movement and breathability, especially when made from high-quality 100% linen fabric. Compared to any cotton canvas jeans, they are unmatched. Often associated with a casual outfit, perfect for a day by the sea or a simple stroll in town, linen can also be suitable for more formal occasions. By accessorizing them with a leather bag and shoes, their elegance is enhanced. The versatility of linen pants allows them to be easily matched with various items in your wardrobe. You can pair them with a cotton t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look or combine them with your favorite sweater or our "Nina" linen jacket for a sunset or outdoor dinner. Similarly, they blend perfectly with a linen tunic, short or long, or a linen blouse for more formal occasions. The wide range of colors offered by Linenshed ensures that your linen pants can harmonize with any other item in your summer wardrobe. From neutral tones like optical white, ivory, or beige, to pastel tones such as glacier blue, old rose, and mint green, to deeper tones like olive green, midnight blue, and black ink, you have plenty of choices in our online store.

    Treat yourself to one of our linen pants

    Our models also vary greatly in their cut and are available in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL.

    Our "Eliane" pants, with their two side pockets and two back pockets, feature a capri-style cut, reminiscent of the "Dolce vita", not too tight, which will provide you with optimal comfort while maintaining an elegant silhouette. Our "Muriel" pants, in "Palazzo" style, with their loose fit at the legs, side slits, and elasticated waist, are ideal for those looking for a generous fit and total freedom of movement, for example during a yoga, zumba, or pilates session. For a stroll on the beach, and why not with your feet in the water, opt for our "Julia" Bermuda shorts. Otherwise, wear them with sandals or sneakers, depending on your preference.

    Finally, ensure you have a unique look with the "Tokyo" model, a culottes skirt with a style in which you will definitely not go unnoticed during your wanderings.

    You will have understood that linen is a material to be worn at will throughout the summer, offering unparalleled comfort while not limiting you to any of your daily activities. With the most basic care, our linen can be machine washed at medium temperature to preserve the fiber to the maximum and air dries in a flash. So this summer, treat yourself to the essential piece of clothing to get through the summer season with linen pants, as practical as they are stylish.

    60 products