Linen jackets for men

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    The linen shirt, but also the jacket, are pieces little encountered in the male wardrobe. It is however a great mistake. Stylish and comfortable, they have only advantages.

    Jackets and shirts in linen man, why choose them?

    We often imagine that linen is a difficult material that wrinkles a lot. However, it is an ecological and easy to live with material. Thermoregulating, it is ideal for hot summers or cold winters. The linen shirt man summer will also absorb moisture. In winter, the linen jacket man will keep away the cold.

    Solid, this material allows you to keep your shirt for many years.

    So, yes indeed, a linen shirt man will wrinkle quickly. But this is also part of the chic and cool style of this type of shirt.

    To be stylish with men's linen jackets and shirts, there are several criteria to consider. The cut of this shirt should not be tight. The piece would lose its charm, a bit bohemian.

    To make sure you don't go wrong, you can opt for a white linen shirt for men that goes well with jeans or a chino. You can also choose a shirt, but also a blue or beige jacket, or even khaki. These shades combine very well with this material for a look that is both very casual and elegant.

    Another criterion for choosing your linen shirt, prefer French collars, Mao or buttoned. A collar too imposing does not suit the casual style of this material.

    The same goes for jackets. Forget shoulder pads and too strict cut.

    And if you have succumbed to linen, why not go off the beaten track by adopting a linen tunic for men? It will accompany you all summer long for a very successful adventurer look.

    15 products