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    A linen dress for optimal comfort

    The linen dress symbolizes the arrival of sunny days and warm summer days when we tend to want to dress casually while keeping elegance in mind. A linen dress, generally like linen skirts, tends to be lightweight, making it particularly pleasant to wear when the temperature rises.

    Why choose a linen dress?

    If it is indeed made from pure and high-quality linen, whether it's a midi dress like our "Maia" model, a maxi dress, or a shirt dress like our "Jade" model, its fiber guarantees you great breathability and sweat absorption properties that allow you to remain comfortable in any of your activities during the hottest periods of the year.

    A short-sleeved model like the "Maia" dress is particularly versatile because its design is a wrap-style "wrap" cut that easily adjusts to a wider range of body shapes. This dress, offering a comfortable and flattering fit to a larger number of people, is actually the ideal everyday dress. Our long-sleeved shirt dress model "Jade," on the other hand, has a more generous cut at the waist and appears to lengthen your silhouette by extending to mid-calf. With 2 large pockets, full-length buttoning, and wide side slits, it offers you the possibility to wear it more formally, or open for a more casual style, over jeans and a t-shirt with espadrilles or sneakers.

    Dress colors to suit all your desires

    With 16 colors available permanently in our online store, the combinations are endless. Choose your dresses in neutral tones such as optical white, ivory, mineral gray, or natural beige, for simply lounging at home, bolder tones like French blue, coral, old rose, lilac, or mint green to shine in the sun, or you can also opt for more solemnity through brick red, lead gray, burgundy, or black linen.

    How to care for my linen dress

    Caring for a linen dress is relatively simple. You can wash it by hand or machine, at medium temperature with a gentle cycle suitable for delicate fabrics to avoid excessive shrinkage and preserve its shape and fiber in the long term. Washing at too high a temperature and using fabric softener tend to damage natural fibers and reduce the lifespan of your garment. Let your dress air dry and away from direct sunlight to prevent UV rays from fading natural fiber fabrics more quickly.

    30 products