Linen lined curtains, a must for winter

Winter is approaching and you are looking for curtains as pretty as effective against low temperatures and heat loss. You have tried several fabrics without much conviction. You particularly like linen, but you do not know how to reconcile all your criteria. Discover the benefits and different models of linen curtains lined, the essential for the winter to stay warm in a cocooning atmosphere.

The benefits of lined linen curtains in winter

The curtains are part of the key elements of the decoration of your home. If they are there primarily to protect you from outside eyes and the view of neighbors, sometimes indiscreet, they have an undeniable decorative role. They dress the room and give it the atmosphere you want, often cocooning and friendly, in total harmony with the room. In winter, curtains have another role: they form a thermal insulation against the cold. You protect yourself from drafts and very low temperatures. A thermal insulation curtain will help you limit heat loss at the windows. It is always unpleasant to feel the coolness seeping in. But you do not want conventional anti-cold curtains, which you often find unsightly and lacking charm. You love linen? You can completely take the side of a pair of curtains made of this natural material with a blackout lining. You will enjoy all the benefits of linen. Both chic and resistant, this fabric is fully compatible with a thicker lining that will not let the cold penetrate your home.

The different models of linen curtains lined existing

To obtain a beautiful fall, heavy, we prefer thick fabrics. They will help create a very cocooning atmosphere in the room of your choice. Whether for a bedroom or a living room, we do not choose its curtains lightly. The choice of linen will allow you to reveal all the elegance of your interior. You can opt forlinen curtains draped with a cotton lining to give charm to your room for example and ensure your privacy at night. You also have the option of a pair of linen curtains with a blackout lining, formed of two layers: linen crumpled naturally with a thick polyester panel, to block the light and especially heat loss. You will be able to combine the aesthetic aspect with a chic rendering while being protected from the cold. Whatever the size of your windows, you can choose from several dimensions: 140 cm wide by 160 to 275 cm high. You can also choose between two fasteners: hidden tabs or ruffled tape. As for the style, you have a wide range of 14 colors, including optical white, ivory, coral, lead gray, mustard, salmon, lilac, etc. Just think of the overall effect without forgetting the view from the outside, on your facade. Take your measurements before you buy. Do not forget to take into account your furniture, to create a beautiful harmony throughout your room. You are convinced of the benefits of curtains lined with linen in winter and are now more aware of the various existing models. It only remains for you to choose your favorite color. You already imagine yourself at home, in your cozy nest. Comfortably installed on your sofa, a cup of tea in hand, a good book in the other, you never tire of admiring your beautiful linen curtains lined. A nice way to enjoy the charms of the cold season.