Mix n' match trend

The new concept of Mix n'Match is based on the mixing of different elements (colors, shapes, prints, materials, styles) that at first glance would seem incoherent together, to finally create a rich and harmonious atmosphere, but at the same time offbeat. The difficulty is to match what you have composed with a staging that will revolutionize the established order and mix the different styles. If you want to have a unique and personalized bedroom, creating your bedding will be a breeze with Mix n' Match! Whether you want a plain or two-tone bed linen, associated or not with your curtain, your objects or your furniture, it's up to you! Start by choosing the material of your bedding, then mix and match sheets, comforter covers and pillowcases to create a trendy set. Then choose the right size and that's it! The principles of Mix n' Match are simple and will allow you to enjoy yourself, so don't wait any longer to put them into practice.

Which material to choose for an ideal Mix n' Match?

The quality of the material of your bed linen is important and should not be neglected. Cotton and silk are the traditional materials used to dress the bed. However, if you are looking for absolute comfort in your bed and have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, linen can be an excellent alternative. Linen, cultivated since ancient times, is a natural and ecological fiber known for its anti-allergenic and anti-fungal properties.

Back in force for some time, linen is now one of the leading materials of the moment in decoration and clothing. Linen bedding will ensure a soft and restful sleep by keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. It requires no ironing and is easy to care for. It gets softer and more beautiful after each machine wash. Blending perfectly with wood, linen is the fabric you need to combine comfort and a perfect Mix n' Match for a unique and embodied bedroom. Here are some style tips to harmoniously mix colors for a successful decoration in your bedroom.

Linen bedding Mix n' Match or two-tone

If you want a traditional, practical and elegant style, choose a solid color for your bed linen: white, beige or gray which are certainly sober colors, but which remain indestructible. The combination of beige and white, creates an elegant and warm marriage. For a more exotic and bohemian style, the mixture of two Mediterranean colors such as olive green and mustard yellow will add a touch of pep to your decoration. For a muted, electric atmosphere and a comforting night's sleep in cold weather, opt for a quilted midnight blue linen bedspread and blue gray linen pillowcases.

If you want to cleverly pair your furniture with your bedding, opt for a reversible linen comforter cover to have two distinct shades on the front and back of the cover. For a romantic and sophisticated look, you can pair your poppy red or light pink curtains with your comforter cover with white on the back and a color above with romantic ruffled pillowcases. The trend is to combine two harmonious colors to create a much more dynamic and personalized atmosphere in your bedroom or even your living room. The mix of plain and pattern is also very aesthetic and will bring a touch of fantasy to your decoration.