Pajamas in linen for men

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    To be stylish, we think about it when we go out. But it's also possible when you stay at home. And confinement has shown us that. The loungewear style has been a phenomenal success and today, all men like to dress well to stay at home on weekends or spend a quiet evening with his girlfriend.

    Staying stylish even at home

    Loungewear belongs to homewear, just like nightwear. In simple terms, these are the pieces you wear at home when the workday is over. Lounge means relaxation. We have the choice between different pieces.

    We can adopt a t-shirt with shorts, a fleece jacket and jogging pants. We can also turn to the nightwear and prefer to relax in linen pajamas man. The loungewear for men is indeed multiple.

    But even if they are not pieces seen by a large number of people, we must not neglect the style. First of all the materials. Forget the pieces in a basic cotton of poor quality. A pair of men's pajama pants in this material will quickly lose its shape and look more like a garbage bag than anything else! Prefer a linen model, ideal to be well in summer as well as in winter (it is a thermoregulatory material). You can also choose a pair of men's pajama bottoms to match your favorite t-shirt.

    If you prefer to curl up in the softness, a man's bathrobe will be an excellent choice. The most classic will love the velvet robe. The cold ones will appreciate the models in polar.

    The linen robe for men will be an excellent choice in summer to feel good.

    In terms of color, the loungewear style for men favors sober colors: blue, beige, gray, khaki or white. But nothing prevents you from dynamizing your look with a piece (ideally a t-shirt) more original.

    136 products