Available now at Linenshed: the polyester blackout curtain

In order to ensure peaceful nights and quality sleep, it is important to choose the elements that make up your bedroom. A comfortable mattress, practical and elegant storage space, a nice decoration on the walls... One of the essential components to choose with care will be the curtain that will allow you to plunge into the dark. It can be useful to hide the light of the moon, but also that of a street lamp, to isolate you from the cold, but also from the heat, even isolate you from the noise if your window overlooks a busy street. You must therefore find the model that will meet all your needs, while lending itself to the style of your interior. For this, you can count on Linenshed and its polyester blackout curtain! Presentations.

A material as blackout as insulating

Although known for its work on natural fibers and especially linen, Linenshed has also seized some synthetic fibers with specific and unique properties, including polyester. Indeed, in order to offer quality products that meet all needs, the company has opted this time for a synthetic fiber. This one has its own characteristics, which make it an excellent choice. Polyester has anti-UV properties which, coupled with the possibility of making it a very fine mesh and therefore with very few openings, will protect against both natural and artificial light. Its polymer structure also allows it to be completely wrinkle-free, despite daily use and regular machine washing. Resistant to chemicals, but also to stretching and shrinking, these fibers are very strong yet very light. Beyond its blackout properties, polyester also has many insulating virtues: indeed, it is known to limit very effectively the exchange of temperature between two areas. In winter, your polyester curtain will keep a maximum of heat inside your room, while in summer it will prevent the heat from entering too much and keep your home cooler.

The plus of Linenshed: a curtain to measure

To help you find the perfect curtain for your room, Linenshed offers many options and finishes. You can customize your curtain to fit your needs, but also your style and taste! Thanks to its tailoring service, Linenshed offers you the opportunity to choose the exact size of fabric you need: if you are looking for example a linen curtain large width, you will find without any problem. No more curtains that are too short to hide the light on the right or left, or those that are so long that they drag on the floor and collect dust: from now on, it will be custom-made! You will also be able to choose your favorite color among our 16 linen colors to match your interior decoration, as well as the type of finish that will best fit the fastening system you have. Thus, you can put on your curtain metal rings, available in 5 colors, or create a wheelbase entirely in fabric or knots, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Finally, if the Linenshed curtains can be made to your measurements and sold individually, the fabric that composes them is also available for sale by the meter, to allow the most creative among you to make them themselves.