Decoration trend: Mustard yellow

The days are getting shorter and we spend more and more time indoors. Thus, the feeling of well-being is very important. So what better than a warm, comforting decoration to get through this season. Linen will be the ideal material for the cozy effect. Compared to synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon, linen is an antifungal, biodegradable fabric that is easier to recycle. Focus on this material declined in mustard yellow, a trendy color that is a highlight in decoration for this season. It will add dynamism and a warm touch to your interior. This color is available at Linenshed in bed linen, curtains but also in fabric by the meter if you feel creative.

The Benefits of Linen

If you are looking for quality and softness in your bedding (comforter covers, bedspreads, sheets, pillowcases), choose linen which is a soft material with natural fibers and a pleasant woven structure. It's a safe bet because it's a breathable and insulating material, which is admittedly a bit heavy but gives an interesting aesthetic drop. Linen bed linens are suitable for all types of bedrooms. Linen is unique because of its ability to be very durable after several washes and to soften over the years.

You won't feel any moisture when you touch your linen sheets since linen has a 20% absorption and filtering capacity without leaving any traces. This greatly reduces the number of allergens and bacteria present in a bed as well as potential dermatological and respiratory problems. Linen bed linens will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Mustard Yellow in your home

A simple color to match, this one blends perfectly with shades of gray, as well as with greens and blacks. The obvious way to bring this touch to your home without getting out the paint cans and embarking on major work, remains the textile. Changing the textiles in your cocoon is the easiest and most obvious way to mix this color with your interior design.

In the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the bathroom, this undeniably contemporary color will impose itself without much difficulty. Bohemian or contemporary atmosphere, retro interior or much more modern, this color adapts to all your desires.

How to adapt mustard yellow in my interior?

Let's start with the bedroom! The bed linen is certainly the fastest way to bring this touch of pep to your interior. This shade blends perfectly with wood, so it's easy to add a mustard yellow linen comforter cover to your bedding. For a more rhythmic result, two-tone comforters mixing mustard yellow and another color will give the desired effect. You can also mix and match your pillowcases. Two mustard yellow pillowcases, two pillowcases of another color will bring a little bohemian touch and especially very warm to your cozy nest. A mustard comforter cover will bring a touch of charm and casualness to your home and will go well with contemporary or more classic furniture. If you want maximum comfort, choose a mustard yellow quilted bedspread filled with 100% cotton to keep you cool at night and feel irresistibly soft against your skin.

Mustard yellow will also look great in your living room decor. By touches, you can place some cushions in your sofa or on your meridian. Cushions that you can make yourself (for DIY enthusiasts!), thanks to the mustard yellow fabric by the meter. These cushions will match your desires: Add a braid with some tassels for a spirit a little artist or stay in simplicity for a more modern spirit.

The mustard yellow curtains will be placed with ease in all rooms of the house: whether in the bedroom, living room, but also in the bathroom with the mustard yellow shower curtain, which will bring a little spice to a white bathroom for example.

In conclusion, linen is a healthy material, pleasant to the touch and respectful of the sensitivity of the skin. So easily opt for the color mustard yellow, and you will not make any false note this season in decoration.