How to beautify your home with bedding?

How to beautify your home with bedding?

Imagine yourself within the four walls of a sturdy castle in the time of the knights. When it comes to decorating, forget about wallpaper or lighting. The only way to make your interior warm and "bearable" is to adorn it with the finest fabrics, the softest skins, the thickest wools. Thus was born the know-how of the household linen in France. In all civilizations, the textile used in decoration has many other values than its practical use. A sheet, a curtain, a cushion expresses the rank, the fortune and especially the aesthetic taste of its owner. Work of art, craft, wealth, it has become over the centuries, much more than a piece of fabric of wool, linen, hemp or silk. What if we invested the power of linen again?

Using fabric to "dress" your interior is an infinite game, for those who like to take care of their nest. We tell you in 4 questions and answers how to embellish your home with bedding.

Why give back to the bed the first place?

This is where you spend the most time! From your bed, day after day, you open and close your eyes on your "morning and evening landscape". So take care of it so you can go to bed and get up with a smile. A nice decoration, some natural linen sheetsA nice decoration, a bohemian comforter cover and soft and harmonious colors change your room at low cost.

Fashions have tended to "undress" our bedrooms little by little. Beds have become more and more "naked"; pedestal tables, armchairs, benches and dressing tables have disappeared while our intimate rooms have lost surface area to the benefit of large open living rooms. By simplifying themselves, they lost their personalities. From one apartment to another, from one house to another, all our rooms ended up looking the same.

The padded headboards have disappeared, sometimes with the frames themselves. A box spring, a mattress, a square of fabric without soul and here is the bed reduced to its simplest expression. But by dint of floral patterns, stripes, colors, it could not stand any more vis-à-vis. The cushions, carpets and sometimes even curtains disappeared to keep a restful atmosphere, certainly, but dull. It is now on a pure linen comforter cover or a washed linen bed linen that our decoration would often rest.

How to achieve a chic or bohemian decor with bed linen?

High-end linen brands allow us to embellish our bedrooms by designing items with high decorative value. Let's start by opting for a plain chic bedding set in a muted hue. Choosing it in a beautiful material, such as washed linen, oeko-tex linen of course, will soften the atmosphere and give substance to the bed. The big advantage is that you can reinvest the decoration in very diverse styles. Imagine a bohemian chic suite, a rustic but refined room or a neo-classical room with white linen sheets. You can even vary with the seasons or your desires, simply by changing your sheets, adding a ruffled pillowcase or a plain quilt. Add a natural linen coverlet, and your bed will truly set the tone for your room.

How to choose your bedding?

Remember those bedrooms of centuries past where fabric was used literally from floor to ceiling, for the footboard, for the armchairs, the curtains, on the walls as hangings and even on the upholstered headboard. Without going overboard and spending a fortune at the upholsterer's, the idea is to create a harmonious cocoon beyond the box spring-mattress set. Think that you are the one who will spend the most time in this room.

Two trends dominate. The first is to start with a monochromatic harmony, as in the past. Simply put, you choose a color and use it from the bed to the windows. Create unity with a pretty blue-gray like our French blue, from the comforter cover to the double curtains.

Another trend: vary the colors, but keep a unity of materials. Choose natural materials, like our beautiful linens. Put ivory curtains on the bed canopy, lilac pillows to match the bedding. Cover a family armchair in brick red linen with the same material. If you opt for walls with a lime patina, you will obtain a serene room, conducive to rest and relaxing ... also for the eyes.

How to install curtains in an original way?

To beautify your home with textiles, the final touch is often the dressing of the windows. The ideal is to match its curtains to the bed linen for example. A natural linen curtain will be the ideal complement if you already have a bed linen washed.

With a fabric like linen premium, the advantage is that its personality allows it to play it sober on the colors. Opt for simple drapes that match your bohemian bedding, no matter what color it is. To give them personality, you can bet on different types of hanging curtains: knots, metal rings, a gathers. Also play on the chic details with a bourdon finish that highlights the hem. You can choose to attract the eye with linen tiebacks in a complementary color or recalling a detail of your bedding for example. Another option: opt for a reminder of finishes like a soft ruffle on the bed cover, cushions and draperies.

The curtains sign the decoration, set the tone. It is with them that you will manage the light. As on a theater stage, the lighting gives the mood of your room. With linen curtainsWith the help of a curtain, preferably crumpled linen, you can filter the natural light for a soft and muffled atmosphere at nap time or in the middle of summer. Lined with a blackout fabric, your blackout curtain linen then plays the role of shutters when closed. Open, they are then only decorative and let the light flow for a more tonic atmosphere. This is ideal when the room is also a place of telecommuting.

So, how do you put up curtains in an original way? Think rods, homemade tiebacks or dramatic drapes. You can think "big" when taking your measurements and play with the fabric, such as knotting, which gives character to any fabric.

Remember, to give your bedroom personality and character, a few grams of beautiful fabric is all you need. Go for quality French linen sheets that are light and comfortable, and an accumulation of bed pillows. Put down a nice quilt, not to mention, frames with your family photos and a nice pair of curtains tied in your own way. Your room will look like no other.