How to use the linen fabric by the meter?

The beautiful washed linen, an ancestral vegetable fiber, is durable and ecological, resistant and easy to maintain. The icing on the cake, fashion loves its crumpled appearance, so no more ironing! Easy to sew and ultra stable over time, it is the ideal textile for furniture and clothing. All the more reason to use washed linen in any room. How to use linen fabric by the yard? Here are 7 inspiring ideas to dress your home beautifully.

Idea #1: Custom-made sheets in crinkled linen

We love vintage antiques. Have you succumbed to an antique sofa that would make a great accent bed? Except that the dimensions of its bedding are definitely not standard. Don't worry: make (or have made) a bedding set in the right size in linen washed by the meter. At Linenshed, you'll find 16 wonderful, fashionable colors in a wide width (290 cm), ideal for cutting custom comforter covers or flat sheets, two-tone bedspreads or arm pillows.

Idea #2: Matching curtains to all windows

From the outside and inside, your home will look and feel beautiful with matching curtains for every window, from the small fixed window on the stairs to the large bay window in the living room. Imagine a harmony of materials and colors, declined in small fixed curtains on rods, in boat blinds or in large curtains for French windows. To find the right shade, don't hesitate to buy the Linenshed color chart. For a few euros, you will receive samples of the 16 colors at home.

Test them in all light variations during the day and choose with peace of mind between :

l Optical white

l Ivory

l Old pink

l Mustard

l Ice blue

l Natural

l Lilac

l Lead grey

l Mineral grey

l Green olive

l Brick red

l Coral

l Bordeaux

l French blue

l Midnight blue

l Coral.

Idea #3: Custom-made clothes that you never want to leave

Did you know? The use of linen fiber is as old as human history. For 36,000 years, people have been extracting about 40 fibers from the stem of this blue-flowered plant. Coming from Egypt, notably through the intermediary of Phoenician merchants, it has been very present in France since the Middle Ages. Until the 18th century, it was even the most used fabric for clothing before the massive arrival of cotton.

Linen is thermoregulating, hypoallergenic and absorbent. Ideal in summer, it is also very appreciable in nightwear. So like our ancestors, let's use this linen fabric for dresses, pajamas, kimonos or nightgowns. You will never leave your white beach dress sewn by your own hands. Yes, washed linen, which is already much softer than raw linen, becomes more beautiful with each wash, but does not shrink. Magic, isn't it?

Idea #4: A trousseau for beautiful everyday tables

Washed linen is obtained by soaking the raw textile several times in very hot water. It is said to be decatized. It retains all the advantages of the natural fiber and becomes, in addition, very resistant and easily removable: the ideal fabric for beautiful everyday tables. With fabric by the meter in large widths, have a collection of simple custom-made tablecloths sewn in several assorted colors with interchangeable napkins.

Imagine endless two-tone tables with an ivory tablecloth and a set of multi-colored table runners, an ice blue tablecloth and mustard napkins. For special occasions, your table linens will magnify your precious tableware with a black ink tablecloth and mineral gray napkins for example. All of the muted shades in the color chart work together.

Idea #5: Linen seats for more softness

Your grandmother's old bench seat is long gone: its beige velvet is long gone. But you wouldn't part with it for the world. Why not give it a new life with linen upholstery? Renewing seating is easy with washed linen. The 290 cm wide fabric by the meter is ideal for covering armchairs and sofas, cushions and poufs. The range of shades allows you to see life in color.

Linen is absolutely sublime in darker shades in decoration. They give personality and modernity to any basic piece of furniture. A tip: recycle all your old, mismatched and faded cushions and cover them with the same fabric by the yard. Pile them up on a simple bench and you'll have a cozy and dramatic Oriental lounge-like seating area.

Idea #6: The best for the nursery

Baby will be here soon and you're looking forward to giving him a cozy cocoon. Linen is your friend in the nursery too! For a simple, yet warm, soft and easy-to-care-for decor, opt for colorful linen accessories. Create the decor with curtains, double blackout curtains, a bumper to tie or even a canopy. You can also coordinate toy bags, changing pads, floor cushions and of course bedding: with a few meters of linen upholstery, you can personalize a serene and soft bedroom.

Break the codes and dare to be original with lilac and midnight blue for example. The material absorbs moisture up to 25% and dries very quickly: for babies who spend a lot of time in bed and sweat more than we do, this is an advantage.

Idea #7: Beautiful and timeless objects made of linen upholstery

If you're new to sewing, dare to make beautiful do-it-yourself items. Two-tone linen tote bags: admit it, it's chic, right? Make a few do-it-yourself bags, simple to use on a daily basis or hang in clusters in the hallway or bathroom to store accessories.

How to use linen fabric by the yard? The bonus idea!

Let's remember the possible uses of linen by the meter:

l Bed linen (sheets, comforters, pillowcases) made to measure,

l Curtains for all windows,

l Soft clothes for living and sleeping,

l Customized table linen in the right size,

l Seats and backrests to renovate armchairs, chairs and sofas,

l A newborn's nursery trousseau,

l All-purpose bags.

Let's go further! Recycle your linen fabric scraps after making curtains or tablecloths. A few centimeters are enough to make mix'n'match backgrounds, linen patchwork bedspreads, toiletry bags. Or why not delicate underwear bags, glasses bags, all matching the curtains of the rooms. Nothing is lost, with the last square centimeters, dress the dolls or sew chic clutches... Your imagination is the only limit.

Linen, used since the dawn of time by man, has only advantages. Its cultivation requires little water and energy. Like all natural materials, terracotta, lime or other plant fibers, linen reigns supreme in our interiors. It meets our need for comfort, softness and naturalness. Soft for the planet, good for health and beautiful for the eyes, linen is pleasant to sew. To create your own 100% linen textile universe, opt for linen washed by the meter.