Flax, an enemy of dust mites?

The choice of bedding for your bedding is far from being a trivial decision. If you want to avoid attracting dust mites to your bedroom, you should choose linen. Indeed, this choice of textile will reduce the risks of allergies because of its antibacterial and antifungal power. The linen fibers prevent the fixation of dust mites which are parasites that are very difficult to get rid of. So, for beautiful, soft and comfortable nights, choose a linen bedding that will reduce the presence of these invaders and protect your skin.

The scourge of dust mites in a home

Although dust mites are tiny, they can become a real nuisance, especially if you are allergic to them. Their ability to reproduce is very fast despite their short lifespan (6 weeks). In addition to this, they love to lodge in cozy places such as bedding, carpeting, fabric furniture, curtains and rugs. These little pests are the cause of many allergies. But you can reduce their presence by choosing linen fabric, for example. This will prevent their spread and improve your daily comfort and well-being.

Linen, an antifungal and bacteriostatic fiber

Unlike some synthetic materials, linen is a natural and noble material, known to be a powerful anti-allergenic. Its texture prevents the fixation of bacteria, makes linen a very effective anti-mite. This textile has proven itself and this is the reason why it is used daily by people who suffer from epidermal reactions: allergies, eczema, etc.

Linen fiber is most often used to make sheets but also to make linen clothes and household linens. Knowing that we spend half of our time sleeping, it is essential that we indulge in healthy sheets that are not aggressive to our body and skin. Opting for a natural and eco-responsible material such as linen, will allow you to fight against dust mites and bacteria and to ensure you a peaceful sleep. Linen will become your indispensable ally in your everyday life.

So, don't wait any longer to try linen sheets! You will see the difference, especially if you were used to using other materials.

Simple tips to fight dust mites

Dust mites are everywhere, even in the cleanest of homes or apartments. If you don't have any allergy problems, you probably won't feel any discomfort. But if you don't, you'll have a hard time tolerating the presence of these pests. The best way to prevent them from invading you is to choose an anti-mite mattress, open the windows of your room every day to air it for 30 minutes and limit the temperature to 18°C or 19°C. Concerning your bedding, you can use linen sheets, covers and pillowcases to protect your mattress, your comforter and your pillows.

Linen fiber is waterproof and anti-allergenic thanks to its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. It provides a feeling of comfort and soothing for people prone to itching and skin irritations of all kinds. It is also recommended to wash sheets regularly and to avoid buying furniture and fabrics that attract dust mites "like magnets". Finally, to clean your home, dust once a week, ban chemical products, shake out carpets outside, and use natural or "homemade" products. Simple habits that everyone can adopt on a daily basis.