Your linen nightwear

Flax fiber is the oldest textile in the world that has been cultivated in Western Europe. France is the first producer in the world of this vegetable fiber, biodegradable and durable. A material known for its absorbent and refreshing effect in the summer months, it has long been appreciated by those who seek both comfort and style in their clothing. Wearing linen clothes to sleep promotes a pleasant and soft sleep. Find out what are the main advantages of linen and the different models of nightwear that exist and meet the fashion criteria for all types of women.

Advantages of linen sleepwear

Being in contact with a textile such as linen is a privilege with many benefits for the skin thanks to its thermoregulatory, anti-allergenic and anti-transpiratory properties. Its fiber is light, resistant and becomes more beautiful and supple after several machine washes. It is the only fabric which has this capacity of flexibility in contact with water. Linen's ability to absorb moisture and ventilate the body. It provides a sensation of coolness and absolute comfort in summer and retains heat in winter. A pleasure to wear for all seasons of the year to spend pleasant nights. Whether it is to relax at home on Sunday while reading a good book or for a good night's sleep, linen sleepwear will give you a feeling of well-being on your skin. Linen is a natural and ecological material that is easy to care for and lasts over time without deforming or fluffing. It is the future of a more environmentally friendly fashion with many virtues for the comfort and the skin which are not negligible.

Existing models of nightwear

A vast choice of nightwear is designed to meet the desires of linen aficionados in terms of cut, style and shade. They come in nighties, dresses, shirts and pajamas that are all size-appropriate and fit most body types. Between the different cuts and lengths, you're spoiled for choice! Women who want to sleep in style will opt for the sexy short nightie with or without ruffles and thin straps that stop at the knees. For a more elegant style, the long nightgown with long sleeves or with thin adjustable straps will be a better choice. Linen babydolls and dresses are flowing and delicately refined for freedom of movement and classy style. For a more casual style, a short or long pants pajama set allows for freedom of movement. The pajama pants have a practical side if they close with a cord and have two pockets in the front. For summer nights, we prefer short-sleeved nightwear and for winter nights, a set of pants with long sleeves. Whether these linen sleepwear are fancy or classic, they will be your best night companions for a more pleasant and comforting sleep.

Tips and Tricks

Clothes made of 100% linen are of a better quality than cotton... Easily machine washable and quickly dryable, it is advisable to take two different colors for the body of the nightgown and the piping. Choose a size up to be comfortable and to let the air pass. Linen garments are easily washable. Air needs to circulate during the summer. Loose-fitting sleepwear with less wrinkling is best. Wearing linen pajamas or nighties will make your nights soft and comfortable. Timeless, easy to care for, there is never a lapse in taste with linen fabric, 100% natural.