What is the ideal lining for linen curtains?

You are considering or have just bought beautiful linen curtains. You had a crush and fall for this fabric. The linen will make a chic atmosphere in your home while being natural with its beautiful fall. Only, you ask yourself a question: what ideal lining for linen curtains? Follow our advice!

Why add a lining to linen curtains?

Generally, we put curtains in his interior for a question of decoration. It can also serve a more practical purpose, as to hide from the vis-à-vis or add insulation. Sometimes it is necessary to add a lining.

Be aware that it is not essential to line curtains. However, it has certain advantages. At the aesthetic level, lined curtains allow a better fall, more attractive and more elegant. The lining saves weight to the curtain, which falls better.

In terms of comfort, a lining provides protection from light, for your curtains and for you. A curtain protected from the sun's rays will last longer. On your side, you will have a better sleep, if you choose linen curtains for your rooms. Another important point, a lining can be a good thermal insulator and protect you from the cold in winter and heat in summer.

Lining your linen curtains can also help protect you from noise. The blackout fabrics offer sound insulation and keep you away from noise pollution. You are quieter in your home. Concretely, you wonder how to line linen curtains? Let's see the possibilities.

What choices of linings for linen curtains?

You are a little lost in the face of the various possibilities of linings for your curtains. Let's review together.

The simple, classic lining

We use a sateen lining to weigh down the curtain and improve the fall. The cotton sateen is the most used lining for double curtains. It is also very economical. The lining can also create a color contrast in your interior and bring a different atmosphere. It especially protects your curtains. It is chosen rather in the case of light curtains, such as those in linen.

The blackout liner

With the blackout, the choice of color is important. Think indeed that it will be seen from the outside and in front. It can be interesting to work on a unit of color visible from the street for example, to create harmony. Overall the blackout is heavier and will be more suitable for a heavy fabric.

You can use the blackout sateen. If you need it for the curtains in your room, it will reduce the daylight by 90%. A blackout fabric provides sound, heat and light insulation. You can use it in a bedroom for more comfort and privacy. It will add a cozy side to the room. It will not be totally blackout, which can be interesting for example in a child's room if you want to keep the day/night rhythm.

Whatever the type of lining chosen, it is important to fix it well. Place it slightly behind the curtain, so that it is not visible from inside the room. We advise you to put it directly on the fabric if the two materials are maintained in the same way. If the fabrics are different and can be cleaned separately, opt for a detachable strip.

Now you know more about the ideal lining for linen curtains. Think about how you will use your curtains, whether a lining is essential for the rooms in the house, the atmosphere you want to create and whether you need insulation.

Depending on your choice, discover in our range our linen curtain with a blackout lining elegant, beautiful fall and available in various standard sizes or custom. Lighter and more chic, our curtains with cotton lining will bring your home a touch of shabby trend, simple, light and sophisticated.